Read our FAQ to stay informed about Covid-19 and how it might affect your orders. We update it regularly. DETAILS

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Covid-19 updates for customers.


We're actively following the latest developments about the Covid-19 outbreak. We want to keep you informed about how it might impact your orders with us, so follow this FAQ for current updates.

As of now, here's the status of each our suppliers branch: 

NC: operating with some basic capacity

LA: operating with some basic capacity

EU: operating as normal

MX: operating as normal

The status regarding order fulfillment and stock:

  • Since we’re working at a reduced capacity, order fulfillment will take longer than our previous maximum of 7 business days. Please check in with information and updates on your store platform (esp. Amazon, Etsy, Wish) to make sure you’re compliant with seller guidelines. 
  • We're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage order volume, and we're routing orders to wherever they can be fulfilled most efficiently. 
  • As of now, we're working with 2 backup facilities in the US and Australia and we're looking for more options. 
  • Currently we have enough stock to fulfill orders, especially for our most popular products. We're communicating with our backup suppliers to keep stock levels in check. 

This is a challenging time for the entire industry. Thank you for being with us while we weather this storm.

April 1, 2020

We're disabling shipping to the following countries because they no longer accept incoming mail: Cayman Islands, Chad, Colombia, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Honduras, India, Kuwait, Lebanon, Madagascar, Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Tunisia, Turkey, Zimbabwe.

Please make sure to read before ordering.

March 26, 2020

Since we're working at a reduced capacity, US orders will see fulfillment delays. 

March 25, 2020

Along with the safety of our employees, our top priority is to continue to provide uninterrupted service to you. We think that it's especially important during these times to support our customers to work from home any way we can. 

Here's what that means: 

  • Our fulfillment teams are working on a voluntary basis. Everyone who is healthy and willing to work is welcome to. Those who can are already working from home.
  • We will be working at a reduced capacity, so production will likely take longer than usual.  
  • We're taking extra measures to keep our fulfillment teams safe. We're staggering shifts, maintaining a 6-foot distance between each station, setting up partitions at tables in our break rooms, and distributing PPE such as safety masks and gloves. In Charlotte, we set up an on-site wellness clinic with health consultations available 24/7 over the phone.
  • We will continue to follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO, local governments, and health agencies.

March 18, 2020

iPhone 11 cases are back in stock and we're fulfilling orders again starting today.

March 16, 2020

Based on advice provided by public health experts, we're implementing work from home policies. Employees who can are now working from home.

While our regular operations continue, the safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. We're increasing the frequency of scheduled cleanings and instructing team members who work on-site to stay home if they feel sick.  


Over the next couple of weeks, you may notice longer fulfillment times. This is largely due to a recent influx in orders. Most orders should still stay within the timeframe of 2-7 business days.


Several European countries, including Latvia, have announced stricter border crossing regulations and closures. Starting Tuesday, March 17, the Riga International Airport will close all passenger commercial flights.

While cargo can still ship internationally, this impacts our ability to ship orders from our Latvia facility and you may experience delays.

We're following the situation and are in touch with our shipping carriers. We will post more updates as they come.


March 12, 2020

The current flight ban from Europe to the US does not apply to packages. Orders fulfilled in Latvia should still reach destinations in the US. 


March 9, 2020

We don't currently expect significant stock shortages for most of our product categories. We have identified which materials we source from affected areas and are preparing with extra stock and alternative supplier options where possible.

Our fulfillment centers don't operate in any highly impacted areas, so production is running as normal. 


  • Our suppliers are experiencing production delays, so we're temporarily out of stock of iPhone 11 cases and laptop sleeves. We're looking for alternative suppliers but for now, we recommend disabling these products from your store. 


  • We disabled shipping to China, as most carriers have stopped or limited their own deliveries to China. 
  • Deliveries are still going through to Italy but without direct contact with the recipient. 
  • We recommend following the news for any regional shipping changes. Our shipping carriers will let us know whether deliveries will stop in other affected countries and when services will resume. We'll post updates here as we get them.