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Why Us!
It's not just work, we take pride in the products we deliever. We didn't start this project as a bussiness, people asked us to have Egon Schiele in their hands. We deliever the true feeling and idea of a real Egon Schiele fan. We encourage our fans to decide on the new products, and we aren't satisfied until the product has reached our own personal high standards.
Our support!
We don't have customers. We have fellow Schiele lovers. We are not unreachable or distant. We are always there for you, we will always answer and do our best so that you get what you came for. We share our information with you and strive for an environment where you will always be the most important one.
Quality Over Quantity!
An old wisdom of humanity, that proves our message. We are not here to sell cheap-stamped products, we are here to give the people what they initially asked us for. Something they can always have in their lives as a reminder of Schiele's audaciousness and daring heart. Our motto is that we give what we want to have.